Oscar Best Picture Nominees 2014 Best to Worst List

These are the films that were nominated for Best Picture for the 86th Academy Awards, Oscars for movies released in 2013.

I have now, finally, seen them all and here’s my ranking from best to worst, along with my personal rating out of 10 stars (10 being tops). Starting with my favorite down to least favorite:

  1.  12 Years a Slave (10/10 stars)
  2. American Hustle (10/10 stars)
  3. Philomena (10/10 stars)
  4. Nebraska (9/10 stars)
  5. Dallas Buyers Club (9/10 stars)
  6. The Wolf of Wall Street (8.5/10 stars)
  7. Gravity (8.5/10 stars)
  8. Captain Phillips (8 to 8.5/10 stars)
  9. Her (7.5 to 8/10 stars)

I did enjoy all of these films (though do sort of question a few of them being nominated for Best Picture over some of the other choices from this year). And my favorite movie from 2013 was the Woody Allen directed film Blue Jasmine (10/10 stars), not even nominated for Best Picture (hmm).

Hollywood Blvd California Academy Awards Ceremony and Oscars Theatre

Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, California – Site of the Academy Awards Ceremony and Oscars Presentation



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