The Hotel Transylvania Social Game – Facebook Game Review

Create and run a lavish hotel run by a staff of Zombies and frequented by assorted Ghouls and Monsters : Skeleton, Ghost, Gargoyle, Fly Girl, “Frank” (Frankenstein), Horned Yeti (looks like the Abominable Snowman with a horn on his head), etc. Build rooms, decorate them, check in your monster guests (remember – HAPPY monsters leave bigger tips! And very unhappy monsters leave in a blaze, literally) — add dining rooms, a tavern, sauna, a rooftop pool, etc. You can even “prank” your neighbor by TP-ing their hotel. As you play, you randomly get items which you can use for crafting things like happy potions, brains (to feed those hungry Zombies), hypnosis, and costumes (you must disguise yourself in a costume to “check in” to a neighbor’s hotel because it seems Monster Hotels have a strict “no-human” policy). Some parts of this game are a bit vague/unexplained – like I wasn’t sure at first what “hypnosis” is used for, but did figure out it’s for “speeding up” something like the time it takes to build a new room or a monster’s stay. There is a message forum with a FAQ section that helps explain things – you’ll probably need to look at that, though the game plays okay without completely understanding the different symbols, etc.

This game is pretty simple, yet I see a lot of potential in it. If new things are added to do, game play could become quite interesting. As it is, the game producers do seem a bit slow with adding new stuff or game updates. And meanwhile – those adorable but needy monsters just keep arriving and arriving (a lot to keep up with, can get a wee bit tedious sometimes)! I do find this game entertaining, mainly enjoyable for building up my hotel and decorating it – it features cute animation and some quite catchy background music as well! I do think this would be a fun game for kids to play.

Hotel Transylvania Game App Page on Facebook


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